Help Wanted

A close look at the Houston Astros shows one very major fault. Cecil Cooper. The Astros pitching staff should be awful, Throw Roy then pray for four days of rain, however  they have had 10 quality starts so far this season. With he line up that the astors have hey should look like the Texas Rangers in so far as scoring goes, but everyone appears to pressing. Lance Berkman can’t hit a bases empty grand slam, but he sure is trying every at bat. A good manager would see the the Reds pitching staff threw more balls then strikes, and have his men exercise patience, Yes Lance take your walks, carlos and Hunter are there to bring you home.

The talking heads say that the astros have always been a slow starting team, but I’m sorry that’s an excuse not a reason. The managers job isn’t only to make decision during the game and make a lineup, but to constantly teach, and motivate. I know the guys feel bad, but a good manager wouldn’t make excuses, he’d make changes and get results.

 If Cecil thinks the team is flat then he blew he’s best chance to fire them up, and shown them that he’s got there back at the same time. When Joe West made the worst call of the young seaon, in calling Hunter Pence out on a tag that wasn’t within three feet, Cecil  walked out calmly, sent Hunter to the bench and spoke to West. Cecil should have exploded out of the dugout, and demanded that West talk to his crew members and get the call right. Yes He would have got tossed, yes he may have gotten fined, but yes he would have sent two very clear messages to his team, and there fans.

 Apparently no on else sees this the way I do, At least not the people that matter, after Cecil just got a contract extenstion. Way to go Ed Wade, show the team that like your manager you’ll except less then 100 %

 Can you imagine what the team would look like with a good manager, and the pitchers doing what there doing, can you say World Series, not likely with cecil.